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About Us

Formerly known as RBM Enterprise, RBM Aqua Services or better known as Aqua Laundry was established on the 20th November 2013. We started as one of Aquanano brand franchisees. Initially, Aqua Laundry focused on walk-in clients only. However, as we thrive, we focus more on corporate clients as well. Therefore, at present we are facilitating both types of clients. We are proficient in rendering the services to both types of clients as we have the capability to meet deadlines without compromising the quality of service. We aim to further broaden our customer base as we have well-trained and competent human resources, as well as sufficient capacity. We also provides excellent and dedicated after-sales service.

Our Vision

>> Provide the best service to become a well-known company <<

>> Provide a responsible workforce so that the company's activities run smoothly <<

>> Responsible for providing adequate equipment so that maintenance work is carried out in an orderly manner <<

>> Carry out the work that has been assigned with trust and dedication <<

>> Provide the best service to all customers <<

Our Mission

>> We are determined to be better quality, innovative, and have an advantageous service <<

>> Our existence is to nurture the world of entrepreneurship in all parts of the world <<


Meet The Team

  1. Puan. Rodzi Binti Mat

    Managing Director

    Puan. Rodzi Binti Mat

    1. Puan. Noor Hayati Binti Ramli


      Puan. Noor Hayati Binti Ramli

    1. Puan. Rohana

      Pembantu Kedai

      Puan. Rohana

    2. Mohd Ashraf Safuan Bin Shahimi

      Pembantu Kedai (Cucian Karpet)

      Mohd Ashraf Safuan Bin Shahimi

    3. Mohd Zulkhairi Bin Ahmad

      Pembantu Kedai (Cucian Karpet)

      Mohd Zulkhairi Bin Ahmad